November 21, 2010

The Malays are offshoots of Dusuns in Borneo?

I revisited my blog post about the Bununs & Dusuns today because apparently, most visitors that landed to my humble blog came because of this post(according to Blogger stats). Apparently, some folks had been reposting that post in Facebook and Twitter hehehe.. I am glad they were entertained by it, it was done for amusement. However, it has generated a kind of buzz that got people sharing their knowledge etc. That is a pleasant 'by product' I did not expect.

Anyway, like I said, I was revisiting that post and checking on comments made about it and I found this link that someone has shared in response to someone else's post about my post hehehe.. 

So I am sharing it here. It says some scientists are conducting research and suggested that the Malays in Peninsula Malaysia are in fact, Dusuns who migrated there. And Yunnan China is again mentioned. Click on 1Malaysia for the link. 
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