March 25, 2011

Guangzhou Fu Gongzi(Guangzhou Rich Man)/Jinquan Shao Xia(Jin Quan Young Knight) - YOU ARE DAMNED!

My cousin posted this link on Facebook, an article in The Daily Chili about Madam Xie Sanxiu, 34 years old mother in China, who has a 6 month old baby with eye cancer?!!

Her daughter's name is Shanshan. No further details were given except that she has eye cancer! Just look at that angel! 6 months old and with cancer?!

I'm a farmer, I work long hours in the field under the hot sun, I'm tired at the end of the day and just want to sleep right now but for you Shan Shan and Mdm Xie, I'd say to hell with my farm schedule! Going to blog this and turn in late tonight.

Shan Shan's mother was so desperate to save her CHILD that she decided to appeal online at! She posted, "Good Samaritans! Save my eye-cancer baby!" 

One JERK! One insensitive and perhaps jaded JERK that goes by the name of Guangzhou Fu Gongzi(Guangzhou Rich Man) replied to her post and promised to donate 20,000 yuan (RM9,230/-, USD3,000/- or Euro 2,000/-) if she would crawl on the road for 1,000 metres. 

His reply was, "There are so many people in the world that need help, why must I help you? You say you are willing to exchange your life with your child's health, who believe you?" 

"If you can kneel and crawl on the road for 1,000 metres, I will immediately give you 20,000 yuan", the prick said. 

So what did the desperate mother do to save her baby? 

She friggin crawled and knelt with Shan Shan in her arms!!!

An alert reporter from Guangzhou Daily got wind of the going ons and went on site. The reporter found Mdm Xie crawling towards the Tianhe Sports Centre.

Around 5:30pm, a webpage designer with Tianya and nicknamed "Jinquan Shao Xia (Jin Quan Young Knight)"  told Mdm Xie to stop and that Guangzhou Rich Man already knew of her motherly act!

Than he told the reporter that Guangzhou Rich Man will not be donating the 20,000 yuan!

The JERK has since been fired by Tianya and the company is working with NGOs to help Mdm Xie and Shan Shan.

But hang on! I'm sure parents like you and I want to see the JERK's face and see him apologizing to Mdm Xie and Shan Shan! What about the 20,000 Yuan promised? Sorry pal! Getting fired is not the worst punishment! You offered the contract and it was honored, now honor yours you prick!

Just some pictures I've taken over the years

Elijah, wife and me in China April 2007

Ok, my son's 7th birthday is on 30 March and I can't be with him. I MISSSSSS HIM SOOOOO MUCH! So I've been going through his pictures stored in my hard drive and I came across these pictures of us taken when we're vacationing in China in 2007. Kinda forgotten about it, might as well share it here than let them go forgotten.

L to R : Father in-law, Father in-law's paternal uncle, his Paternal Uncle's wife, Mother in-law and my wife

March 21, 2011

Things you didn't know were found in Sabah

Brian and I went to Kota Kinabalu on 10 March 2011 to visit a friend's chili farm. On the way back to Beaufort, I made sure that we stop to check some cemeteries found along Jalan Putatan. If you ever travel past Putatan towards Papar, after the traffic lights at 1Mall, Putatan, you will drive past 2 bridges, after the second bridge, slow down and keep a lookout for a place where they sell Muslim tombstones on the left side of the road, the cemeteries of interest are located nearby. According to Google map, it is 1.6 KM from the traffic lights I mentioned.

View Larger Map

I drove by the site many times but failed to notice anything unusual about it until one day, when I fleetingly noticed the word 'Almarhum' on a sign next to one of the cemeteries. I was driving by, so I didn't get to read the rest of what was written on the sign. Question marks popped above my heads because of the word. As far as I know, 'Almarhum' normally refers to someone of royalty. I may be wrong but 'Almarhum' is an arabic word which is used to refer to a deceased, just like how we refer to a deceased as The Late Mr John Doe in english. 

I also caught a glimpse of the grave, it was painted in yellow! Interesting!, I thought. 

So before heading out to Kota Kinabalu that day, I grabbed my Canon digital camera and made a mental note not to forget stopping at the location to check it out. 

March 20, 2011

My Chili Farm - Brian's last day

It has been 2 weeks, a busy and productive 2 weeks thanks to Brian; my HelpX volunteer from the U.S.A.

I just sent him off just now, he is on his way to Sipitang and tomorrow, he will be making his way to some secluded village in Sipitang named Ulu Bul. Seriously, I didn't even know that there was such a village. I know of Long Pasia but Ulu Bul? Clueless.

March 3, 2011

My Chili Farm - Attack of the wrinkly leaves

Did I mention in my last post that I am replanting all my chili plants to the local variety of the Cili Padi(Bird's Eye chili)? Yes I am. I would have transplanted at least 300 of them by now, if some pest did not devour all of them! Yes, all of them! The mysterious pesky pest didn't even leave a single seedling for me!

It's true about our local farming taboo, they say you shouldn't curse or scold when some pest disturb your crops because they will come back with a vengeance! So when you are at the field or your farm and you notice that one of your crops has been 'disturbed' by let's say, a monkey, you are just to shoo it away but no scolding or cursing or doing anything beyond what is necessary. Otherwise, that monkey will come back with more monkeys and do worse damage. Some Oil Palm growers swear by this taboo.

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