February 26, 2010

Khairy defends AG in Al Islam row

"Khairy told the Malaysian Insider that it would be inappropriate to speculate on the reason behind the decision by the AG's chambers to take no further action.
He, however, argued that the decision may have been reached to "balance out" the racial and religious tension caused by the "Allah" row in a bid to prevent further unease"
This is for the benefit of those who don't know what's the big deal about what had transpired.

Two Al-Islam journalists went undercover to investigate a church. They participated in the Catholic Mass and actually received the Holy Communion i.e. they accepted the Host which represents the body of Christ. The Host is just a piece of wafer but once consecrated, it becomes a Holy item. Following me so far? If you have been clicking on the links I provided, you probably have read a lot but if you still don't understand after reading all that material, it's okay. You can't expect to grasp the theology in one sitting.

February 25, 2010

Fried with plastic | Daily Express Newspaper Online, Sabah, Malaysia.

Fried with plastic | Daily Express Newspaper Online, Sabah, Malaysia.

For those Banana Fritters lovers out there, especially in Sabah, think twice before you chow down on that banana fritter.

Apparently, some innovative food vendor figured out that by frying fritters with plastic, the fritter will stay crunchy longer. Hence, prolonging the shelf live of their 'inventory' and maximizing their return on investment. No less at the expense of their unknowing customer's health.

I haven't heard about this innovation until it is reported in the paper. Well, I've been out of the country for more than 10 years after all. Still catching up but according to my mom, they've heard rumours about this but was never proven. It's like one of those urban myth. Well, now it's proven thanks to these very alert customers.

Now the next question people is asking, is this practice unique to Sabah or is this a widespread practice. Could this practice originated from West Malaysia and traveled back to Sabah or vice versa. If this practice is done nationwide, then my fellow banana fritters eater in West Malaysia, start asking questions.

Sabah MTUC: Govt should have acted earlier | Daily Express Newspaper Online, Sabah, Malaysia.

Sabah MTUC: Govt should have acted earlier | Daily Express Newspaper Online, Sabah, Malaysia.

My simplistic observation on the matter(I like to keep it simple, I'm a simple guy), as I have mentioned in my earlier post, underpaid and exploited, that is why these youths ventured out of Sabah for greener pasture elsewhere. And the employers here would just shrug it off and say "Good luck. I'll hire a filipino, a Timor, a Bugis who would work longer hours without verbalizing their complains because they have no choice. Why should I share my profit with you, I need to pay for my houses in KL, HK, Singapore and my fleet of Ninja Kings need to be serviced and then there are my mistresses too".

Friends of Charlie Nash ♥ com

Friends of Charlie Nash ♥ com

The story of a brave woman named Charla Nash. May God bless her and continue to walk with her,

The argument goes back even further

The argument goes back even further

"Respondent" wrote a very compelling piece on this Oil issue. It filled in a lot of gaps. I sincerely would like to see the "Defendant" make a counter-argument in the same informational manner too instead of just brushing aside this argument with loud rhetorics and start beating their chests yelling war cries whenever anyone wants to have an honest debate.

The Nut Graph | Khairy Jamaluddin (Rembau)

The Nut Graph | Khairy Jamaluddin (Rembau)

If this is what #Khairykj stands for, then I am relieved. I don't mind supporting Malay politicians like him.

February 24, 2010

When Lee Kuan Yew Meets Rosmah | My Sinchew

When Lee Kuan Yew Meets Rosmah | My Sinchew

Hehehe.. Singapore's Minister Mentor Mr Lee Kuan Yew whether you like his method or what he stands for or not, is one of the best minds in politics and nation builders. He is an elder statesman whose views are often seek by world leaders, past and present.

If he visited PM's wife, you bet he saw something which most of us are not seeing(or are seeing). The author of the article (in the above link) remarked that it was irregular for a foreign leader to meet the wife of a PM who does not hold any office.

Well, just saying what I 'see' from what I read.

Peter Hartcher On Anwar Ibrahim

Peter Hartcher On Anwar Ibrahim

It's no news to us but at least they care enough to write about it,albeit for the right or wrong reasons.

US woman sentenced to prison for gang-rape lie

US woman sentenced to prison for gang-rape lie

Shishh... 4 years wasted because of a lie.

Girl dies while trying to save brother from burning shophouse

Girl dies while trying to save brother from burning shophouse

Two young lives tragically taken away. May their souls rest in peace.

February 23, 2010

'M’sia must have legislation on minimum wage'

'M’sia must have legislation on minimum wage'
I welcome Mr Mustafa Maarof's [the Executive Secretary of Malaysian Airlines Systems Employee's Union (MASEU) ] statement that Malaysia must have legislation on minimum wage. I am surprised to hear that countries like Thailand, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam have statutory on minimum wage. Assuming that what Mr Mustafa has cited as example is exhaustive, it means we are one of four ASEAN countries that have not adopted minimum wage. For your information, the ASEAN members are Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.
Good that Mr Mustafa cited these examples because the authority used the same examples to mitigate the impending implementation of the Goods and Services Tax(GST). I must clarify here that I am not against nor supporting GST's implementation in Malaysia at this juncture. As of now, both opposing camps are just making academic arguments. We just have to wait and see what the actual outcome once GST has been implemented. It did well in Singapore. However, one cannot assume the same success in Malaysia because it is all about implementation. A good idea can turn bad if not implemented well and if it turns bad, the lower income rakyat will suffer.
In any case, since the authority reasoned that we needed to implement GST because most ASEAN countries already adopted this system among other reasons, then it will stand to reason that Malaysia should adopt having a legislation on minimum wage because most ASEAN countries already have them! Shouldn't they be consistent?
"In the absence of a statute on minimum wage in Malaysia, employers often insist that wages must be left to be determined by market forces, which in several cases, falls below the poverty line of income," he said(Mustafa)
On Sunday, Human Resources Minister Datuk Dr S. Subramaniam said the government had rejected a demand from Indonesia that its maids be paid a minimum monthly salary of RM800. "We will allow the market to decide on the salary. If we allow one country to set terms, we will also have to entertain the others," he added. – Bernama
For the ministry to brush us aside by quoting an economic textbook principle that implementing minimum wage will drive away investment is shallow, lazy and disrespectful to the intelligence of Malaysians. Why I say lazy and disrespectful? Because they do not even bother to give us a well thought and intelligent reply. Yes, we know that cheap labour attracts foreign investment; stingy companies that want to profit from cheap labour, GENERALLY. However, is this the only business model that the authority can think of? Cheap labour forever? Come on, be innovative. Where are you copying your model from? Bangladesh? You can mitigate the implementation of Minimum Wage by implementing other incentives to attract foreign investment into the country.
Actually, I think most Multi-National Company(MNC) especially the Western and European ones will not and do not object to Minimum Wage. Some of them follow the not so new concept of Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) and are very pro-employee's welfare. I think the most vocal resistance come from within. The business cartel, the towkays(here I use the term to address all business owners regardless of race).
In Sabah especially, I am incensed to see how these towkays can get away from exploiting their employees. Let me cite examples closer to home i.e. Beaufort Sabah,
A local hardware store here in Beaufort Sabah:
1) Operates 7 days a week albeit a half day on Sundays.
2) No paid annual leave is given to its employees. They are only paid a measly RM30.00 if they do not take leave during a month.
3) Get their pay deducted twice if they are absent for more than a day.
4) No medical benefits.
5) Lorry drivers have to pay their own fines if they are caught transporting goods more than the permitted load when it was their supervisors who pressure them to break the law.
6) Sales clerks' pay between RM300 to RM500/-. No commission.
From the examples above, you see our problem is not only on wage related matter, worker's rights are flouted with impunity. Could this be one of the reasons why our young Sabahans ventured out of Sabah and ended up being homeless and jobless in West Malaysia. I used to wonder why these youngsters prefer to work in KL etc instead of staying put when there are jobs available here in Sabah, jobs which most often or not, being filled up by foreigners like Filipinos and Indonesians. I used to think that perhaps their motivation to go 'abroad' is to have fun! Now I change my mind. Perhaps because of this conditions in Sabah that they left. Promises of better pay and better working conditions promised by unscrupulous agents led them there. The foreigners be it legal or illegal do not mind being exploited, they have no choice. The towkays know that there is no one they (the foreigners) can complain to and so they continue on with their reign without any harassment from government agencies who think that these towkays will be equitable to their employees and that these towkays will play by the book and follow the market.
If you read this and agree with me, please help spread the word. Lend your voice to Malaysia Trade Union Congress (MTUC)to fight for workers' right. I think you can agree with me that in this platform, we can all stand united as Malaysians regardless of race or religion :). This affects everyone whether you are Chinese, Malay or Indian.
It seems that MTUC is having a hard time with the Human Resource Ministry, click here to see their memo.

February 22, 2010

Ex-landlady the latest to step forward to help keropok seller

Ex-landlady the latest to step forward to help keropok seller

Here is a man who is rightly deserving of assistance but refuses to accept it because he wants to be INDEPENDENT!

I can safely assume that he has nothing of significant monetary value to his name, to top it off, he is physically disabled as a result of fever when he was young, according to Paul who had come forward and claiming to be Ah Fook's (the man's name) childhood friend.

Ah Fook cherishes his independent and refused to go to a welfare home.

He makes all of us look like invalid and I am glad that many have come forward to make life a bit better for him. It is not reported whether he accepted their monetary hand out willingly. I imagine he would probably insist that they part with his keropok in exchange for him accepting their cash.

This is the kind of spirit that we Malaysians especially Bumiputras, should emulate. Ah Fook is the BOLEH spirit personified. He doesn't whine about his predicament, he doesn't blame others for his plight, he doesn't beg for a living, he doesn't insist that we help him, he wants to make it on his own with whatever resources he has; his will to survive and whatever limb movement that is left and available in his body to make a living. He walks 2 hours everyday to his 'stall'.

                   Ah Fook, selling keropok at Sea Park, Petaling Jaya

I like to think that amongst those good samaritans who came forward to help Ah Fook included Malay, Indians etc. We are Malaysians! More than that, we are human beings. It doesn't matter what the colour of our skin are, we share a common trait, the ability to be compassionate. Few years back, I read in the news about a Malay kid falling from the window of his house. This happened in West Malaysia. I don't remember the exact details but it left a positive impact on me and reinforced my belief in humanity. The first person who came to help the boy was a Chinese man. When the situation calls for it, we will rise to the occasion. We will rise above all the trivial details like the colour of your skin, who you believe, your political allegiance. In this case, the man was not motivated to help the boy because of his race or religion. He didn't see a MALAY BOY. He see A BOY who was injured and needed help. As adult, his natural instinct to protect the young ones kicked in and he rushed forward to help.

You see in times of need or great emergency, we would not be thinking about all these little details. It would be about survival. We hear about people at their best during life and death situation or during natural disaster. People who sacrifice themselves for the well being of others even when they are of different nationality. The Tsunami incident during boxing day offers a lot of these fine examples.

However, it is unfortunate than when things settle down and when things return to normal, we all go back to our lives and forget all about these sacrifices. We hate and hate and hate because it is much easier to hate and blame others than to love and examine ourselves. We should draw inspiration from the sacrifices and act of kindness of these fine human beings to be better humans.

February 21, 2010

Continued open burning

I drove my mom to visit a relative in Kuala Penyu yesterday and I was shocked to see the fire rampaged bushes along the highway to Kuala Penyu. These fire were started by kampung folks as a convenient way to clear their lands and fertilizes their soil.

That's the view in Kuala Penyu yesterday.

Today, I drove to Kota Kinabalu to pick up my sister and brother in-law because they had to borrow my mom's car since their car broke down. On the way to Kota Kinabalu, same thing. Unfortunately, I didn't bring my camera.

We need to educate our kampung folks that in long run, if they continue with this short-cuts, they will leave a not so desirable living environment for their descendants, as for the rich towkays who should know better and have the monies to not do this, fine them.

February 20, 2010

Beng Hock’s Tiger baby due anytime now

Beng Hock’s Tiger baby due anytime now

May God bless this family, especially the child.

February 19, 2010

Serenity Prayer

Grant me the serenity;
To accept the things I cannot change;
The courage, to change the things I can;
And the wisdom, to know the difference.
Living one day at a time;
Enjoying one moment at a time;
Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
Taking, as He did, this sinful world
As it is, not as I would have it;
Trusting that He will make all things right
If I surrender to His Will;
So that I may be reasonably happy in this life
And supremely happy with Him
Forever and ever in the next.

The Key to Everything

Found this quote in the web. I've read it somewhere before but had since forgotten about it. It reminds me that every hardship is a blessing and instead of asking why these things happen to me, I should take it in my stride and learn something from the situation. The only way for our physical body to get strong is by doing lots of exercise. This is true also where the growth of our spirituality or character is concerned. How can we gain wisdom without failure? How do we know what is happiness if we have not tasted sadness. How can we learn to appreciate what we have without first experiencing losing it all.

If you love God, you will walk in his path. You will act according to his will. You will love everyone around you even if it's hard because loving your brothers regardless of race and religion is loving God. He is the creator of all creations.

I asked God to take away my pride, God said "No".
It is not for me to take away but for you to give up.

I asked God to make my handicapped child whole, God Said "No".
Her spirit is whole, her body was only temporary.

I asked God to grant me patience, God said "No".
Patience is by-product of tribulations; it isn't granted, it is earned.

I asked God to give me happiness, God said "No".
I give you blessings, happiness is up to you.

I asked God to spare me pain, God said "No"
Suffering draws you from worldly cares and brings you closer to me.

I asked God to make my spirit grow, God said "No"
You must grow on your own but I will prune you to make you fruitful.

I asked for all things that I might enjoy life, God said "No".
I will give you life so that you may enjoy all things.

I asked God to help me LOVE others, as much as he loves me.
God said...Ahhh....finally you have the idea!

---Claudia Menden Weisz 
I remember that when I was accompanying my wife for her catechism class, the priest told the class that if they were looking for a religion that gives them worldly riches, then they were going for the wrong religion because suffering is the only thing that awaits anyone who embraces the Lord Christ.  

I was stunned when I heard him said that and thought he was some kind of rogue priest. Hello? Reverend, you're suppose to sell Christ to these people, not drive them away???

Now that I'm a bit older and going through my own tribulations, I can see what he meant. As I reflect, I took for granted all the things that I had. My wife and son. I love them dearly but I wished I could have spent more time with them. Now I miss them dearly, they are on my mind 24-7. When I was with them, I was always preoccupied in my own things. Don't get me wrong, I didn't ignore them and I didn't mistreat them but I was always somewhat detached, searching for something else. I never felt happy, I wanted something more. Now I know the only thing that matters to me is my family.

I have more tests which I do not want to discuss here but instead of feeling sorry for myself, I decided to focus my mind and energy to turn this negativity into a positive and finally learn something from all of this and when I get out of this hole, I vow never again to take for granted what I have.

Suffering is like a cleansing soap that cleanses our soul and prepare us for death and the meeting with our creator. Have you ever met someone who has everything taken from him/her and yet he/she still radiate with hope and happiness. I've met one or two;they have one thing in common. They love, they really really love their fellow human being and surrender all their woes and hardship to God. They trust God to carry it for them . The thing about us, when we are in trouble, we switch to survival mode. That is when we lose faith in God and the people around us. We don't trust them to share our troubles because we refuse to acknowledge that we need help. Somehow, we think that by not verbalizing or acknowledging our fear, we could delay the problem from manifesting itself, keep it at bay. Therefore, we refuse to trust in others, we believe that only we ourselves can overcome it which is not totally wrong but there are times when you just have to bare yourself open and trust in others, trust in the goodness of humanity, in God to assist you ride through your problem.

Anyway, these people who trust God, when you talk to them, they really listen to you and they are genuinely interested in you. I thought they were deluded and it annoyed me that anyone could be so positive all the time. "Hey, it's the end of the world, God damn it! I have to stay up late tonight to prepare my report to the senior management and I don't know where to start. Praying to God doesn't pay the bill!". These are the voices that are shouting at the back of my mind when talking to these people. But it turns out that I'm the deluded one. I was jaded but now I see :). 

One word, Love. Not the lust kind of love. It's the kind that need input from you. It's the kind of love that compels you to do things eventhough you would not rather do it. Love and the rest will fall in place.

On my way Lord, on my way. 

February 18, 2010

Those who bat for the other team

First of all, I categorically emphasize that I am not pro nor against Homosexuality. I don't get this man-love thing but whatever you do in your private confines, that is your business and you have every right to exercise your rights or privacy. Everyone has the right to pursue their happiness.

What got me to write about this? Well, the ongoing Sodomy Trial a.k.a Sodomy2, of an Opposition Leader got me thinking. So here's me thinking out loud and just saying...

I am speaking in the context of Malaysia, particularly in the society of Sabah of course.

I think because of the nature of society in Sabah(which is generally accommodating and non-confrontational), by and large, we tacitly accepted the presence of homosexuals in our midst and we do not oppress them or at least in my personal experience, I have not heard of any homosexuals who are deprived of jobs and promotions because of his sexual orientation. If I have to cite a tangible example, we have our Kampung Air in Kota Kinabalu which is infamous for its transvestites. In daytime, it is a busy business area but at night, another business takes over. You will see gangs of transvestites plying their booties. Guess who are their customers? Men! Let me qualify the choice of my example, I know for a fact that not all homosexuals like to dress up as women. However, if I have to use certain segment of the society to gauge our acceptance of this lifestyle/choice, then these chaps would be a good example because they have been doing their business in that area for a very very long time without much harassment(obviously because otherwise they would have gone underground).  

Let me see how many laws they are breaking:

1) They are soliciting sex for money.
2) Most of these transvestites are foreigners and probably without valid travel documents(Indonesians etc)
3) Since they don't have female sexual appendages, I wonder where would their male customers insert their schlongs? Hmm..?

And I know through associates, there are transvestites area in West Malaysia too. So maybe they(West Malaysians) too accept it tacitly.

Would the authority start rounding them up or staking out to catch them and their customers engaging in unnatural sex?

One would expect that the ever consistent authority to be consistent in their enforcement of the law, so is this the start of a campaign to rid the nation of this immoral activities? Judging from the vigor and steadfastness in which they pursue justice against the opposition leader despite international outcry, one would conclude that they are dead serious about enforcing this law.

Will we see an outflux of bright minds out of the country? What would be the economical and societal impact if this were to happen? Homosexuals around the world have contributed to their society. There are successful ones who have enriched their society, if not the world. Examples:

Edward Albee, Playwright (Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?)
Pedro Almodovar, Film Director
Hans Christian Andersen, Writer of Children's fairy tales - (more than 100 years since his death, his tales continue to bring happiness to children all around the world and it will continue hundred of years on)
Sir Francis Bacon, Writer

The above is just to name a few, to see more, click here.

They obviously are not dirt and their sexual orientation did not prevent them from positively contributing to their society and the world. Their character and humanity are not defined by what they do or did in their bedroom or by their sexuality.

Hmm. Still not leaning towards any side. Just saying you see...

I can say candidly from what is said and heard and printed and broadcast in the media, there is some hypocrisy in the whole Sodomy2 affair.

The accusation might be false or it might be true. No matter what, the authority will have from today, prove to the nation of their consistency and that this trial is not politically motivated. If they do this, what is the impact as I have wondered in aforementioned?

Will Hishamudin, our learned Home Minister produce example of other people being charged and prosecuted for Sodomy in the coming days which he had done for caning of women recently.

Boy oh boy, so many questions. If, how, what, when..

February 15, 2010

Inconsiderate and irresponsible rich people

The authority has given out an advisory that no open burning is allowed as the weather phenomena known as El Nino is expected to occur which will cause long drought and heat spell.

And what do I find 2km away across the river in fronting my house? Open burning!

Top picture is taken from the veranda of my house. It is zoomed in. Noticed the treeless hill. It used to be a jungle and the past 4 weeks or so, the area was abuzz with activities. Chainsaw revving and sound of trees being felled. See the ongoing burning?

Bottom picture also taken from the same vantage point but zoomed out. This is more or less 2km away, still the the size of the smoke is still considerable big, so imagine how big the fire is.

Why do I conclude this is the doing of rich people? Because only people with deep pocket can afford to hire excavator(s) to clear this significant acres of land.

I hazard a guess that the location is somewhere in Balikbata, Beaufort. From what is circulating, the people involved in the clearing is either planting Oil Palm, building a resort or housing area.

The surrounding area are densely wooded area, it hasn't rained for more than a month now, the weather is hot and dry, if the fire is big enough and hot enough, it will spread like wild fire. Another factor is it has been windy recently. We are in a valley, I suppose it is due to the circulation of air , hot air and cold air.

These people are going about to earn profits with scant consideration to the environment. That is the general attitude of plantation owners and developers. We have forestry laws, environmental laws etc. However, I see these people are getting away with their activities with impunity.

I remember that 25 years ago when I go to school and passed Beaufort town, I would see fog enveloping the town football field, even around my house, there was fog. These days, you only see them during prolonged rainy seasons.

On one hand, it is good to see all these development, it means we are progressing, it creates jobs. However, what annoys me is that these rich people, in order to have bigger profit margin, are willing to cut corners and they do it to the extreme. Come on, how rich do you have to be? Couldn't you leave something to the environment. Give something back. You can incorporate mother nature to your building specification or plantation outlay.

The developed countries have gone through this phase and they have paid the price for violating mother earth, flooding, land erosion etc and scientists in their countries have come up with solutions to reverse the effect. It's all documented in the internet. Why don't you learn from them and avoid going to the same direction as they had. Avoid making their mistakes. In the long run, it will be more beneficial to you.

Ultimately, as consumers, I think we know that a company is polluting the environment, we should boycott their product. Save our environment so that our future generations will not suffer for our sins.

February 13, 2010

Will he go to heaven?

A Catholic priest pose this question to his flocks to illustrate that just because you declare yourself being a believer of Jesus, doesn't mean you will automatically go to heaven without trying to live a good and saintly live. I was there and what he had to say opened up my mind. This was in Singapore and the priest's name was Rev. Father Richards Ambrose. 

Before I proceed, I must qualify that whatever is written here is what I perceived to be what his message was, the words and phrases used are not verbatim, at best, it is the closest to what I can recall and this is reproduced without his knowledge. Hence, he is not a party in this.   

There is a secluded island, it is so remote that civilization has not reached its shore. In that island, there lived a man. He has been living there all alone since he was a baby. No explanation about how he got there and who took care of him as a baby. Let's just assume he was brought up like the myth of Romulus and Remus

Although man is born into this world tainted with the sin of Adam and Eve, as the creation of God, we have the inherent goodness in us. It's built in, goodness is in our DNA. My thoughts : I can agree to that. I haven't met a psychotic serial killer baby or child yet. Seen them in the movies but they're normally offspring of Satan etc. It's only later in our lives when external/environment inputs that influence us to do bad things. If we decide to do bad things, that's free will in action. I'm no expert in this, I already disclaimed that I'm no learned scholar so I'll let the learned folks at Wikipedia to explain it to you. Click here.

Ok, continue on with the story about our man, so he lived a good live. He did not commit any sin. It is kinda hard for you to have bad influence when you are living on your own. He did not know what is right and wrong because he was not living in a community with common sense of right and wrong. However, all his live, he followed his natural instinct and his natural instinct was never to do harm.

After living a boring but sinless live, he died. 

Where do you think he would go? Hell or Heaven. Hell, because he did not acknowledge Jesus as the saviour of mankind? It was not his fault that he never heard of Jesus or Budha or Prophet Mohamed.for that matter 

So where do we put him. He has a soul, he is a human being, not an animal. Become heavenless(stateless)? 

Father Richards left it at there for us to contemplate it on our own or maybe he expected us to deduce his answer already.

I like to think that God is kind, his wisdom is beyond comprehension of our feeble human minds, compassionate, loving etc. I would say the man will go to heaven. We are all made from the same dirt. Only after centuries of diets and weather changed our features. 

The three major religions in the world i.e Judaism, Islam and Christianity share a common root. We are progenies of this root. Religion was coined and created by human beings. I don't think God will bother about names and catchphrase. He is God. Nothing can change that. He doesn't need to have his ego stroked by his creations, he created the universe and life for crying out loud. Do you think he needs insignificant ants like us to tell him how great he is? I imagine he would say, "Tell me something I don't know my son.".

I was born into my religion, so are most of you and I've been conditioned and indoctrinated with my religion's teachings. It's not a bad religion. If they ask me to drink blood and sacrifice virgins, I would have second thoughts but they have not. I believe my God. Will I go to hell because I'm loyal to my belief i.e. there is only one God. And can I say that anyone who is born into their religion and who believes that there is only one God, will go to hell because they don't believe in my God?       

You think for yourself.

Examine Ourselves

Practically everyday, if it's not religion this, religion that, it's race this and race that. Really? After 46 years of Malaysia, we're still stuck in the 60's era?

On the outside,we look like we've made it.Tall buildings,flashy cars, big projects but in the inside,we are infested with maggots of suspicions , greed, envy and inferior complex.

We feel compelled to trample on the heads of our non-native brothers and sisters, to put them into submission, to display our superiority of being lords of the land like a peacock. If that doesn't sound like inferiority complex, I don't know what is.

Today, we are already on the same level playing field with them. We have multi-millionaire businessmen, academics, professionals, elite politicians etc.

Isn't that enough? What do you want to do now, drive them out of Malaysia?

Yes, poverty among us still exist but there are poor chinese and indians too. Our poverty is not because of them.

Are we people who can only be successful by stifling and oppressing our competitors? If so, then we cannot call ourselves victor because while we have both hands to fight, they have one hand tied.

This should not be all about a zero sum game mentality i.e. in order for us to win, someone must lose. It should be a win-win game mentality.

It's time we move on. Concentrate on helping our needy brothers. We should examine ourselves rather than pointing fingers and apportioning blame for our weakness on others. What are our perceived weakness.

I think the only enemy we should fear is ourselves. We are overly defensive and deluded ourselves that our principles are infallible. We surround ourselves with yes men. By that, we have inhibited our own character growth. It's like an Idealism in-breeding.

We should start to examine ourselves critically like some of us brave ones, have already done. The voices are out there in the wilderness of ideas.

Let me end this appeal with an overused phrase but seldom practiced wisdom, THE ONLY CONSTANT IS CHANGE.

What is that 1Malaysia song being played in the radio, "Siapa rajin, dia menang" (the hardworking will gain) or something to that extend.

February 12, 2010

Sijil Anak Negeri

What is a Sijil Anak Negeri.

The origin - When the union of Sabah, Sarawak, Singapore and Malaya was about to be consummated, the leaders put in place a clause in the constitution regarding the special position of the Malays in Malaya. Our Sabahan leaders also wanted to ensure that the rights of native Sabahans are protected. Hence, there are provisions in the constitution that ensures that natives of Sabah also enjoy the special position of Malays in Malaya. However, they did not stop there. For whatever intent and purpose, they also ensured that children from mix marriages i.e. a native to non-native, also enjoy the same protection.

Whatever their intention was, the positive by-product of this peculiar afterthought, can be seen in Sabah today. Many praise Sabah being a good role model of the 1Malaysia concept. It wouldn't be far fetched to say that this unique clause encouraged mix marriages. My family clan for example, include a branch of families whom are Muslims! During our annual clan gathering, I observed and was amused that as the Christian relatives were chopping porks in the kitchen(for the christian relatives consumption of course), our Muslim relatives just walked passed without even flinching. We respect each other and we tolerate our respective beliefs and lifestyles. In West Malaysia, my brother in-law went to buy a can of luncheon meat(pork) in a big Supermarket and the Malay cashier refused to touch the can and asked my brother in-law to handle the can himself? Being a Sabahan whom are generally non-confrontational and accommodating, my brother in-law brushed aside the rude service and complied.

In Sabah, if one of your parents or grandparents is a native, then you are considered as a Bumiputra(son of the soil).  I for example is a Bumiputra by virtue that my mother is a KadazanDusun. My father is a chinese, therefore, I have a Chinese Surname but I am a Bumiputra. I imagine not most West Malaysians are aware of this because you guys have not really tried to know us.

And in Sabah, your status as a Bumiputra is not determined by your religion. I am a Sino-Kadazan(a colonial term to refer someone whom of Chinese and KadazanDusun lineage), I am a bumiputra but I am a Christian. Therefore, it hurts my feeling and my fellow Christian Sino-KadazanDusun and KadazanDusun when you attacked our religion and burn churches.

How does the authority identify us, the offspring of mix marriages? - The Makahmah Anak Negeri(Native Court) will issue a certificate called Sijil Anak Negeri(Native Certificate) once they have verified your lineage and your application is validated by a Ketua Kampung(Village Head).

Why is Sijil Anak Negeri such a big deal? - Special Position. Need I say more? It is a document that is well sought after. With it you have access to buying lands with Native Titles that are generally dirt cheap. In Sabah, there are 2 types of land titles i.e. Native Titles and Country Lease. Only natives can purchase a Native Title land and non-natives can only own Country Lease titled lands. The latter is expensive than the former. Why Native Titled land is cheap? Perhaps it is to make it easier for natives to own lands.

Unscrupulous businessmen and government officials had and perhaps still issuing Sijil Anak Negeri to people who have no native lineage at all. Follow these insightful websites : http://asam-lambunau.blogspot.com/2009/04/dilema-sijil-anak-negeri-sabah.html and http://www.sabahkini.net/v1/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1211:dilema-sijil-anak-negeri-sabah&catid=68:anak-negeri&Itemid=74. How did and do the unscrupulous businessmen obtained these certificates? Money. Bribe the Ketua Kampung(Village Head) and the government officials to look the other way and get someone to claim that he/she is the parent or grandparent of the applicant.

The state government under Parti Berjaya froze the issuance of Sijil Anak Negeri to curb this abuse but the problem still persists.

In Beaufort, there is a local businessman who is 100% Chinese but he has a Sijil Anak Negeri? He purchased lands from the natives and used these lands to plant Oil Palm. There is even a West Malaysian Chinese businessman who owns substantial lands in Beaufort in which he planted his Palm Oil.

The local businessman also obtained Sijil Anak Negeri for his children. How is that possible? He and his wife are 100% chinese, His parents are 100% Chinese and his wife's parents are West Malaysians?

In this new political landscape and enlightenment, one can argue that giving special positions to certain race is no longer relevant in this age of globalisation. I agree. I've never taken advantage of my rights as bumiputra, I haven't redeemed my benefit points yet(referring to Bonus Link etc. Tongue in cheek). However, it irks me on the manner of rich individuals who procure lands via corrupted channels. They purchased lands at dirt cheap price from ignorant and irresponsible natives who just wanted a quick fix. They exploited this.

I wonder what would be the immediate economic impact on Sabah and Malaysia should the Sabah state government or the federal government suddenly decide to clamp down on all these fake bumiputras who own vast Oil Palm plantatation? Hmm? Like a spanner thrown into the engine of the economy? One would speculate that it is one of the reasons why the authority has been keeping it's eyes closed.

Separately, our fellow Muslim Natives have been calling for the abolishment of issuance of Sijil Anak Negeri. have suggested that we do without Sijil Anak Negeri and rely solely on MyKad to identify whether we are Bumi or non-Bumis. One problem. Reconciliation of this idea with the Malaysia Constitution. Most application forms distributed from the federal government example National Registration Department, do not include Kadazan, Murut etc much less Sino-KadazanDusun, Sino-Murut, Sino-Bisaya etc. Seems like although the West Malaysian leaders in the government understand the dynamic of Sabah and Sarawak, their sub-ordinates don't.

This is what is hampering 1Malaysia to materalize.

Task force set up to ensure that women wear their panties on Valentine's Day

LOL. Read this at www.mysinchew.com

As the western Valentine's Day is fast approaching, domestic religious and moral organisations are very cautious as if they are facing a formidable enemy.
Their latest task is to ensure that women wear their panties.
I would like to solemnly declare that it is not a joke.
Persatuan Ulama Malaysia Penang Branch (Pumpp), together with two other organisations have set up the "Anti-social Corruption Secretariat of Penang" with two missions: to advice Muslim couples not to celebrate Valentine's Day and to ensure that women wear their panties on that day.
It is said that SMSs have been spread recently to promote the "Bare your love, no panties during Valentine's" campaign.
It is an illusion in the virtual world and not many people will take it seriously in reality.
However, religious and moral organisations are really shocked. They believe that the society is ill and morality is corrupted. And the last chance would be whether they are going to put on their panties.
As a result, they have formed a picket team with 500 members to stop women from giving up their "Maginot Lines".
However, I wonder how are they going to carry out the task.
Can we imagine that a group of men who are holding signs shout along the road: "No Valentine's Day! No "no panties campaign"! No...."
It will certainly become the world's most funniest protest that feels like a post-modern black comedy.
Perhaps, they will persuade Muslim couples on the streets.
"Ladies, as a woman, you must wear your panties...."
Isn't it weird? As a man, I have been wearing underpants everyday since I was five without anyone teaching me to do so, not to mention women.
Let's also assume that the picket team stops a woman at Penang Queen Bay Mall.
"Miss, are you wearing panties?"
"Why do I have to tell you whether I'm wearing panties?"
"We are from a picket team of the Anti-social Corruption Secretariat of Penang. Whether you are wearing panties is related to whether the society is corrupted."
"It's my own business whether I'm wearing panties or not. How can it be related to the society?"
"We are giving you one last chance, are you wearing panties or not?"
"Fine, I'm wearing panties."
"Then you will have to prove it."
"How am I suppose to prove it?"
"You have to lift your skirt and show us."
"Are you crazy? You want me to let you see my panties? No way!"
"We are not seeing but checking instead. If you refuse to do so, we can bring you back to the bureau."
"Well, okay. I'll let you see a little bit...."
"Hey! I can't see clearly. Lift a little higher, a little higher...."
"Okay, I can see it. You do wear panties, but you still fail. You need to be counselled, so come with us."
"We accept only black, flesh-coloured and white but you are wearing pink. Who are you trying to seduce? It will easily lead to social corruption."
"I'm corrupting the society? Your minds have been filled with the thought whether women are wearing their panties and what colour they are wearing. I think you are the ones who are corrupting the society."(By TAY TIAN YAN/ Translated by SOONG PHUI JEE/ Sin Chew Daily)
 Are they serious? That's perverted. Maybe this is just a ploy to satisfy someone's voyeurism. LOL.

"Yes. Yes. Are you deaf? I'm the authority, pull your pants all the way down. I want to make sure you're wearing panty".

February 11, 2010

Kow Sai (Dog Poo)

One day Ah Beng and Ah Huey were strolling.

Ah Beng : Wah lao eh! He thinks he so powderful meh. I asked him, what you look look at?
Ah Huey : Si bei kwai lan lah the guy.
Ah Beng : Eh! What is that hah?
Ah Huey : Don't knoe leh. Looks like kow sai (dog poo).
Ah Beng : You sure or not? Kow sai colour different lah, this one like yellow colour.
Ah Huey : Yah oh? Also no smell. 
Ah Beng : Huey, you go and look closer leh. I don't want to step inot kow sai. My shoes brand new.

Ah Huey got closer to the object.

Ah Huey : Eh, got a bit of smell leh.. Maybe it's really kow sai.
Ah Beng : You sure or not? 
Ah Huey : Wait I check. 

Ah Huey touched the object with his index finger and tasted his finger.

Ah Huey : Wah lao! Kow sai lah! Ptui! Si be heng (bloody lucky) ah, if we step on it, our shoes sure got dirty and smelly..

February 10, 2010

Minimum Wage Rate in Sabah and Malaysia as a whole.

Well, I cannot speak for Malaysia but I'll speak for Sabah. It's ridiculous! My cousin whom graduated with a degree more than a year ago came back to Sabah to work. She found work in one of the local companies, she's an entry level. Nonetheless, I still find that her starting pay is preposterous. RM900/-? What? She is a graduate! The entry level wage of someone entering the banking industry in Singapore (graduates) 2 years ago was SGD1,200/-.

My gosh! I left Sabah in 1994 and my last paid salary of RM550/-, when I came back 13 years later, I see people(non graduates) still getting paid RM400/- to RM600/- and they were experienced in the field that they do. I am not a graduate but when I went to Singapore to work in 1994, my starting pay was SGD800/-. When I left 13 years later, my pay was SGD2,800/- per month. This is not inclusive of fixed bonus(where the bank will pay me regardless whether they are making profit or not), variable bonus (in recession, between 2 months to 3.5 months of monthly pay) and perks and benefits. My perks and benefits were SGD1,000/- per annum. Taking the extreme situation where the economy is not doing well, my annual income would be close to SGD40,000/-. I also have incentives including cash and non cash when I meet my Key Performance Index. Not bad for a guy with only SPM qualification.

The towkays (Chinese and Non Chinese) have fought vigorously against Minimum Wage Rate and the authority has relented to their stands. The authority mitigated that implementing Minimum Ware Rate will discourage foreign investment in the country. Fair enough. However, with the advent of Government Service Tax, a hah! The authority has more money now. The authority should use this newly acquired tax mechanism to benefit the citizen.

The authority can channel all these funds acquired from this new mechanism to attract investment to the country e.g tax exemption for a limited time period etc. Implement Minimum Wage Rate now. Come on, even a drop out economist can tell you that money makes money. You put more money to your workers, he will spend more.

The chinese of olden times understood this concept. Read all the stories about chinese towkays cum philanthropists. They poured money back to the society and reasoned that because they have reaped so much from society, they should return in kind. I think there's a practical reason to it, apply the principles of economy. If you pump money into the economy, it will generate more money. It will eventually come back to the benefactors.

So implement Minimum Wage Rate for our workers now especially those in Sabah so that they don't have to go begging in the streets of Kuala Lumpur or prostitutes themselves.

Be innovative, find a solution to the problems. The citizens elected you, trust you to protect them, honour that contract.

Wonder if there is a Chinese New Year version of I have a Blue Christmas

It just occur to me that there is no slow tempo Chinese New Year song??? It's all dong dong dong dong chang and gong xi fa cai? All cheerful! There must be 10 or 20 at least of the billion plus Chinese around the globe that are feeling gloomy and lonesome. Like moi, yours truly. Who will not be celebrating this coming Chinese New Year with his son and wife *sigh*.

Where's my song to soothe my aching heart??

It can go something like this...

我將錯過你這個新年                                                     will be missing you this new year


but I will send you all my love in a red ang pow, stuffed with crisp notes,
sealed with a kiss...
(is my chinese correct? :) )

February 6, 2010

Some would do it for less..

I was surfing the net, scouring any information I can get hold on with regards to a certain trial of a prominent politician whom is tried for Sodomy. I checked and read on all available sources from both parties. Their respective supporters etc. Just to have a bird's eye view of the situation, looking at all angles.

I chanced upon the blog of the accuser/alleged victim. In one of his post, someone left a message saying that he is a good actor and inquired as to how much he is paid for lying. One of the accuser/alleged victim's supporters came to his defense and pose this question, how much is one's dignity worth? The supporter threw in a sum. How much would one sell their dignity, RM50million, RM100million? He is inferring that there is no chance that the accuser/alleged victim would make up such accusation falsely and doing it because he is being paid for it. I assume his line of thought is that it must be extremely emasculating for a man to be compelled into submission and allowing another male to sodomize him. It's basically a rape. Another man forced another man to become his bitch. Rape itself is devastating but in the man's world, having f****d by another male unwillingly is extremely humiliating beyond words.

The supporter probably concluded that there is no way that the accuser/alleged victim would come out and admit that he had been violated by another male and expose his 'weakness' to the whole nation unless it is true. It is just too humiliating.

When I read the reply, that's where my tiny horns came out. How naive, how ingenuous.

I'm just saying... The world is not black and white, not everyone walks in a straight line.

My friend, for RM100 million or even RM50 million, a lot of people will do a lot of things. Even sell their own mothers if they had to.

Take this for example, a Singaporean lawyer by the name of David Rasif. He has everything. A beautiful wife and 3 lovely daughters. He had it made. He's educated and well liked. He ran away with his clients' money worth SGD12 million(that's about more or less RM27 million). It has been speculated that his net worth was more than the sum that he had misappropriated, not considering his potential income in the future if he had not absconded. His wife is a successful lawyer herself. This is a power couple. Why did he do it? It doesn't make sense. Abandon his wife and his flesh and blood for a measly SGD12 million. He could earn this money in less than 2 years. All his hard work, his reputation, all go down the drain in one day. The whole nation knew about his crime, there is no way for him to come back and rebuild.

An educated person with so much money that ordinary Malaysians like us can only imagine, willing to give up all of it. Now think about the accuser who is a drop out and admitted that he is not academically endowed. If one is to offer even RM50 million to that person to make a false accusation, would't you do it if you are in that person's shoes?

RM50 million is about USD14 million. You can do a lot of thing with that kind of sum.

People would do anything for money.

I'm just saying....

People ask the dumbest thing

Home telephone(a land line) - Ggrringggg!
Me : Hello?
Caller : Justin, are you at home?
Me : ??????? Well, let's see. You called me on my home telephone and I answered, logic would dictate that I am indeed at home.
Caller : Oh! Just checking whether you have reached home.
Me : Is that it? because I want to go and bang my head on the wall now.

I don't know why but I've always loathe small talks. Even among my family, my brother and sister, aunties, uncles, in-laws, whenever there is a gathering, I will be the one at the corner either watching tv or surfing the net. I'd talk if there is an interesting topic. Some understand my character and some try to change me. The latter can't accept it, including my own mother who despite being my mother, do not know my character. 

Just leave me alone! 

Don't talk to me about the weather. Of course it's hot you twirp! It's noon and the sky is clear.

February 5, 2010

Secret to effective persuasion to get IT revealed?

Sodomy fixation.If I had to cite one positive outcome that came from of all this saga, it is the unintended leak of THE secret, if Saiful's allegation is to be taken seriously or to be believed.

I suspect I'm not the only one who noticed this. I'm pretty sure everyone and anyone who share my sharp sense of observation must have sat up in their seat when they were watching the news or reading the paper following DSAI's Sodomy trial.

I'm pretty sure there'll be a lot of smiling Malaysians of both genders in the streets and workplace these coming few days and maybe more to come.

After all, scientists have claimed that such activity can prolong the live of men. Reduces stress. Boosts immunity.Burned calories;30 minute of it burns 80 or more calories. Marvin Gaye crooned about sexual healing.

If you haven't caught the idea yet. Here's the command. You can be a man or woman, the line of command is still the same. However, result may vary.

You : Can I fuck you?
Target : No, you creep.
You : What! (say it in a forceful manner)
Target : No.
You : (pause a while. Doing so will give your target a sense that he/she is not being cornered to a wall. Recommended pause duration is between 2 to 4 seconds)

You: Go to the bedroom and clean yourself.

Your target will come out eventually all cleaned up and clad only with a piece of towel.

They wouldn't know what hit them.

How does this work actually, we don't know yet. We'll just have to wait for Oprah to do a piece on this. But I opine it's all about rephrasing your request and enforcing it with body language. That's my personal take anyway.

Btw,having a bedroom with a shower nearby or being in a hotel room would probably increases the success ration.

Happy trying. Be safe, wear a condom.

Disclaimer : I'm in no way responsible for any embarrassment or physical injury should the aforementioned method backfire on you.
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