February 2, 2011

Twitter from beyond..

This was told to me by a friend who swear that it is a true story because it was told to him by a friend whose friend's brother was the man who was supposedly the 'victim'. 

Anyway the story goes this way, this young man was very active in Twitter. He is from Johor, one day he attended a Tweetup in KL. He met a few of his Twitter friends from KL and some from Sabah, Sarawak and other parts of the country but are living and working in KL. In the tweetup, he chatted with a girl from Sabah whom he immediately fancied upon meeting her personally. Apparently this fellow was a player and quite a handsome devil. The girl was rather impressionable maybe, or perhaps very easy because she fell for the guy's charm and ended up having a one night stand with him. The following day, the guy went back to Johor with a promise to keep in touch with the girl. 

Subsequently, he was sent by his company to Australia, to some remote outback where the only communication to the world was via satellite phone. He was there for three months and during this period he had no access to the internet. The only people in Malaysia that he kept in touch with were his parents whenever he was given access and permission to use the company's satellite phone. 

After he finished his 'tour of duty', he came back to Malaysia. He checked his twitter account and announced in Twitterjaya that he was back. Tweeps welcomed him and some that were not in his inner circle asked where did he go for a long time. 

Then he got a DM from the girl, she said welcome back and they chatted. They continued chatting but always via Twitter's DM. 

One evening, this guy twitted to the girl's handle in his timeline, he twitted that he had a terrible day at the office and that he was tired and wouldn't be chatting with her that evening. 

One of his twitter friends responded and perhaps conversation went this way:

Friend : Bro, I guess you didn't hear the news? :(

The guy : Yes, I did but I can't talk about it. 

Friend : Sure bro, I understand. You were closest to her, we suspect you might feel that way. Give it time.  

The girl had told him in one of their chats via DM that she was not feeling well and feeling depressed but warned him not to disclose this to anyone. The guy thought that the friend was referring to this. However, he did find it odd that the friend knew about the girl's problem when she told him that she did not tell anyone. Nonetheless, he didn't pursue the matter because he was tired and went to sleep. 

The friend on the other hand, simply thought that the guy did not want to talk about what happened to the girl because he was grieving. 

The next evening, the guy was on twitter and read a DM from the girl,

Hope you are feeling better. I miss you, do you miss me? That night we had is precious to me.

Another DM from the girl,

We are of different world now but don't you want to join me? You said you loved me?

The guy thought that the girl was being melodramatic, perhaps due to her feeling down but he found her choice of word funny. "Different world? What different world? It's not like I'm rich and she's poor! Silly girl" he thought.  "You are sweet but I'm not looking for a steady relationship yet, honey. I said I loved you just so that you would have sex with me" he thought. 

He replied to the girl's DM and talked sweet nothings since he wanted to maintain the relationship and kept the girl misled in his intention as long as he could. 

Then the girl replied via DM through twitlonger,

I know you wouldn't disappoint me :D. I can tell you now, you made me pregnant. I was worried and wanted to contact you but you went to Australia. I've been waiting for you even after my accident. My parents' wanted to bring me back but I stayed back for you. I would go back only if you come along.

When the guy read this, he turned pale! Pregnant!? He was not ready to settle down! Certainly not with someone he didn't love! Go back to Sabah? So that meant her parents were already in the loop about this? He was so focus and preoccupied with the word PREGNANT that he did not ask about the accident the girl mentioned. 

He replied to the girl's DM and gave some answer designed to delay and he blocked her from his Twitter account.

He didn't have a good sleep that night but he was mildly assured that by blocking her, he had severed any contact with her. His only concern was that the girl would release her wrath in Twitterjaya and that tweeps would ostracize him. "Never mind! It's only Twitter" he thought. He made a mental note to delete his Facebook account tomorrow, to erase any trace of his existence in cyber, especially to delete all his pictures. 

He didn't access his Twitter account via his iPhone as he usually does the following day. He kept his mind distracted by doing more jobs at the office. His colleagues noticed that he was a bit ruffled and asked him about it but he just brushed off their concerns. "I didn't have a good sleep last night" he said.

When he went home that evening, he got a shock of his live when lo and behold, the girl was waiting for him outside his apartment! 

The Guy : How did you find me? (managed a weak smile and pretending to be happy to see her)

The Girl : I have my ways. (she stared at him with murder in her eyes)

The Guy : Have you waited a long time? Come in! Come in! (fumbling with his keys to open the door)

They proceeded to the guy's living room.

The Girl : Why did you block me?

The Guy : Bbblock? Block?

The Girl : You blocked me to your Twitter account!

The Guy : I didn't block you! But maybe I did it accidentally. I was excited last night and checked your profile. I wanted to know more about you. The mother of my baby! I was so happy that my body was shivering with excitement baby! I'm a father! Imagine that!..... 

The Girl : I want you to come back with me tonight.

The Guy : Yeah yeah yeah.. I've applied for leave today but waiting for approval from the management. and we must book our flight too?! Er.. make yourself at home. Let me settle my stuff...

The guy went to his bedroom and twitted via his iPhone to the Twitter friend who spoke to him about the girl days before. He wanted to consult with the friend on how to break the news to the girl since he "knew" of her condition(depression). He DM his friend:

Bro, she's in my living room. She traced my address. Did you give it to her? She says she is pregnant but I'm not ready to settle down. HELP!

The friend replied:

Bro?! R U okay? She couldn't be there! She's dead! You must seek help bro!

When the guy read his friend's reply, he had a big HUH in his mind and when he turned around, there standing infront of him was the girl with half her head crushed and blood all over. He passed out!

The girl died in a freak accident while going to work. She was riding pillion on a motorcycle and was involved in an accident. She was flung from the vehicle, her helmet got loosen because of the helmet's faulty fasterner and had her upper head ran over by a lorry. The accident happened in the second month that the guy was away in Australia and few days before that, she had found out that she was pregnant. A friend whom she confided with, offered to ferry her to work because she had not been herself since finding out that she was pregnant. The parents flew in from Sabah and hired a Taois priest to 'entice' her spirit to follow them home to Sabah where her mortal body would be burried. 

The guy went crazy because of the sight he saw. A bomoh or priest hired by his family said that a part of him has been taken by the girl's spirit to join him. 

Could this be possible? Can you afford not to believe in ghosts? Can you discount the existence of spirits? If people claim that they can capture photos of ghosts with their cameras or voices of ghosts with their recorder, wouldn't it be possible for them to communicate via twitter :D


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