October 3, 2011

*FacePalm* Moment :P

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So I've not been blogging actively recently. So soli! I still have yet to finish my short story A Father's Heart. It has been nagging me. 

Anyway. this is going to be a short post. This incident is too priceless not to be recorded for posterity. 

Yesterday, my mom said she wanted to follow us (me and my Indon help) to the farm today because she feels bored staying at home and having to listen to someone's nagging. Who is someone? Let's just call her Motormouth ok. 

So this morning (about half an hour ago), I woke up, brushed my teeth, pulled some white hair and brushed my bushy eyebrows. Then I proceeded to my mom's bedroom and there she was still sleeping. I tapped her shoulder and she opened her eyes.

Me : Mom, time to wake up.. You said you wanted to tag along to the farm today?

My mom looked bewildered but managed a reply.

Mom : I don't think I'll be joining you today, maybe tomorrow because I'm not awake yet...

Around this time, if I were Old Master Q, my expression would probably be something like this. 

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Notwithstanding, I managed to recover from being blindsided by my mom's reply and I too managed a reply to her reply.

Me : I know you are not awake yet, that is why I'm waking you now. 

Mom's expression changed from bewildered to that of realization and understanding :P. I think she thought that she was dreaming just now. Make sense?
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