February 20, 2012

Help Nab Muhammad Saad Ali Hassan

We need to help the police to apprehend a foreigner who was allegedly to have assaulted a fellow tourist from Canada and two local women recently in Kota Kinabalu. He is said to be an Arab, country unknown. His reported name is Muhammad Saad Ali Hassan. 

The cause of the provocation was reported to be because the Canadian tourist gave his local Chinese girlfriend a kiss on the cheek on the lounge area of a Bed and Breakfast establishment. He was reported to have gone into a tirade about the couples' action having insulted his belief. Coverage is here.

To be fair to all parties, subject has to be apprehended to help the police conduct investigation to clear the air so that no party is maligned in this matter. To be able to do that, the police has to get him into their safe custody. I would advise that you do not apprehend him personally should you encounter him but to call the police immediately, that is 999. If not, call the President of Sabah Backpackers Association, Mr Tommy Chaw at 010 982 9693. 

Do not endanger yourself or the subject by apprehending the subject yourself, let the authority do their job and have faith in the police. 

Please help broadcast this so that we have closure and justice to all parties concerned including the subject.

Alleged video grab: 

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