March 13, 2012

Nurul Nadirah Abdullah

I'm blogging this for the benefit of my overseas followers. The missing 5 year old Sabahan child, Nurul Nadirah Abdullah, whom had been missing since 1 March 2012 has been found. However, the happy ending that most of us have been rooting for is not to be. 

Dirang, as she was affectionately called, went missing on 1 March 2012 when she went to a nearby store to buy some eggs and instant noodles. The store was within walking distance from her home in the Seri Delima apartments, Bandar Seri Alam. 

The mother, a Sabahan, had been criticized heavily for letting her child go out by herself, explained that she had been allowing her child wander about their housing area because a lot of her relatives stay in the area and she felt safe.

Dirang's charred remains were found in some Oil Palm estate recently and the police announced on Monday, 12 March 2012, that through DNA testing, they have ascertained that the remain was that of Dirang's. 

Dirang's mother, Roselyn Alan, is understandably inconsolable; Who could? I won't criticize her for being too trusting of her neighbourhood. She is already paying the price it. 

Nonetheless, let this be a cautionary tale to every parents out there. When it comes to the safety of your child, being extra vigilant is better than being sorry. How often have we heard that we should not turn our back for even a second when it comes to the safety of our child. A lot of thing could happen in a second! Especially if you live in the city. This is not the first girl that has been murdered. Couple of years there was another case which was highly publicized in West Malaysia. The girl was reported to have been sexually abused before being murdered. There are perverts out there who prey on children.

Investigation is ongoing and I hope the police apprehend the murderers soon. The full weight of the law should be brought upon the perpetrators of this heinous crime against a helpless child. 

Rest in peace Dirang.    
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