December 21, 2012

First Blog Post to Start The New Era

Photo : Wikimedia/Simon Burchell
Hey! What do you know? We're still here! Everyone was holding their breath at the stroke of midnight few hours ago for the impending doom according to some people who prophesied our end based on the Mayan calendar that ran its course few hours ago. Then again, we're ahead of the Americas by a few hours and I assume the Mayans made their calendar based on their time zone and the Mayan kingdom was in South America, so who knows, it might happened in a few hours from now hehehe...

Oh yah, History Chanel aired this documentary called “Countdown to Apocalypse” last evening and it carried these viewer discretion advisory, “This programme contains views from Non-Muslim perspective. Viewers discretion advised”.....................................*pin drop*............................................................... What? You're expecting me to say more about this? LOL. Oh ok! Just to clarify, History Chanel was not the one who put up the advisory, it was Astro.

Read the news this morning as I have been doing all along. I was instantly drawn to read this report title “M'sia a blessed nation : Mahathir.” When the Tun speaks, I will listen! Tun was reported to have delivered a speech at a function recently, attended by Parlimentarians. He was commenting on the country's remarkable transformation and sterling achievement. Tun helmed the country for 22 years! Good or bad, the man did influence directly on the course of our country. He did a lot of good (according to his supporters) and he did a lot of bad (according to oppositions), well, that's a matter of perspective. Someone once told me that another man's meat, is another man's poison. Am I his supporter? Well, I can't say so but neither am I one of his detractor. It's easy to be wise when you have the benefit of hindsight. He served his country and he has my gratitude for it. 

Let me reproduced what he was reported to have said,

“From a British colony to an independent nation and from an agrarian economy to a highly diversified one. Malaysia has made a smooth transition in social, political and economic spheres with the exception of some minor hiccups.

Malaysia has been relatively peaceful over the years. The only significant period of turbulence came with the Japanese Occupation during World War II and the May 13, 1969, incident.”

Wait a minute!? The Japanese Occupation during World War II?! Malaysia, the nation that is called Malaysia, that Federation called Malaysia is in existence then?

“Closer to home, our ASEAN neighbours, such as Thailand and the Philippines, have witnessed street demonstrations.”

Hmm.. Didn't we just have a demonstration in West Malaysia and in Sabah albeit the latter in an orderly manner, in recent months?

“Dr Mahathir noted that Malaysians should count their blessings since the country is strategically located and the land is free from natural calamities such as earthquakes, typhoons and volcanic eruptions”

Again hmm.. Wasn't it recently reported that Sabah is susceptible toearthquakes albeit moderate?

Well anyway, that's all I have to say today. If the world doesn't end in a few hours time, I'd probably post more. Later!
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