December 10, 2010

Prove it

I wrote this to the forum of The Daily Express. I don't think they will carry it so I'll put in my blog :D :

I refer to the issue of Sri Tanjung's Assemblyman, DAP Jimmy Wong's Sijil Anak Negeri(SAN) or Native Certificate. I have been following the issue closely since I myself is a 'Sino-Kadazan'.
My personal opinion of the matter, I think Datuk Hajiji's motivation to 'uncover' the truth about Mr Wong's SAN is politically motivated. What else it would be? Don't even bother to pretend because even ordinary citizen like me can see for what it truly is. What better way to discredit Mr Wong's moral authority. The gusto that Datuk Hajiji and associates displayed to uncover the truth is commendable. One can only hope that in the next few months, there will be reports about Datuk Hajiji submitting more findings on more genuine SAN in the hands of unqualified people. It is an open secret that there are many 'towkays' out there who do not have a drop of native blood in them but somehow are in the possession of SAN. These SAN no doubt issued prior to 1982. Why stop here, keep the ball rolling.

In the meanwhile, Mr Wong vow that he will challenge the revocation of his SAN when it materializes, at the Civil and Native Court. Admonishing the state government that they had opened a can of worm. When I read his statements, I cheered for Mr Wong. Yes! Open the can of worm, let them wash their dirty linens ala Yong and Tham. The latter had indeed been informative for us plebeians.     
But here is what I do not understand. Mr Wong and DAP Sabah can halt this attack to a grinding stop without any legal costs incurred. No need for protracted public argument about Mr Wong's SAN. How? All Mr Wong has to do is show proof of his lineage! I have seen Mr Wong's SAN online and noted that his father was indicated as Sino-Kadazan. Logic would say that one of his grandparents was a native. His native status is provided for under Article 161A [6] [b]of the Federal Constitution which says:
"in relation to Sabah, a person who is a citizen, is the child or grandchild of a person of a race indigenous to Sabah, and was born (whether on or after Malaysia Day or not) either in Sabah or to a father domiciled in Sabah at the time of the birth."  
Now all he has to do is show proof that he falls under the category. In my humble opinion, a good evidence would be his father's Birth Certificate since it would indicate the ethnicity of his grandparents. If his father's birth certificate is not available, he may want to consider documenting his family tree and get the people in his family tree to sign a Statutory Declaration[s]. I am sure he has more than 10 native cousins who would vouch for him. For my family, we keep the original copies of our parent's and grandparents' Birth Certificates for just this situation and we can throw a stone in Kuala Penyu and chances are, it will hit the head of one of our Dusun relatives.
Instead, Mr Wong chose to have a long dance with Datuk Hajiji. Mr Wong and Dr Edwin Bosi attacked PBS and KDCA, claiming that both have turned their back on a native. Let me interject myself by saying how much I loath PBS and its President. Regardless of my personal feeling, I do not see how Pairin or KDCA could have Mr Wong's back when thus far he has not offered any uncontestable proof of his native status. It is like me going to China and demanding to be let into China on account that my surname is Chinese and I look like a Chinese but I do not have a Chinese Passport.
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