January 22, 2011

Father, you were right!

When I was in my younger years, if memory serves me well, in my late teen, I had the following conversation with a catholic priest. I was slightly drunk so I was out of my usual inhibition, anyway conversation went like this:

Me : I don't know how you do it. Being a priest is a huge sacrifice!

Priest : It's no big sacrifice, I love serving God.

Me : but how do you deal with hmmm...

Priest : Deal with what?

Me : hmm... Not having sex? I don't think I can do it.

Priest : (he smiled 'knowingly') It's a matter of mind set. I have no trouble dealing with it.

Me : (thinking to myself) "O..kay. If you don't mind, I will serve God in my own way and have sex at the same time"

If you ask my ex, I have a healthy appetite for sex. In fact, healthy appetite might be an understatement and maybe that is why my ex decided to give herself the ex status LOL.

Yeah! I am a wild stallion, a raging bull! I am ravenous, I am a stud hahahaha...

Fast forward, I am married and you know what I found out? Being married, especially after you have a child, is like being in the priesthood! Yup! I am as celibate as the next catholic priest! No sex! Nadah! Zilch!

The only difference between me and a catholic priest is, besides my NO SEX penance, I also have to deal with the naggings and melodrama that came along with my wife!

Now I know why that priest had that 'knowing' smile on his face! He was probably thinking, "You naive kid. I will be doing my celibacy sans the nagging. Good luck with your hell!".

Father, you were indeed wise!

P.s/- : This may be a tongue in cheek :P


Nina Manson said...

Love this post of yours. Thanks for sharing!! So yeah.. NO SEX!

Justin said...

hahaha. Your welcome Nina..

Caca said...


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