January 23, 2011

Malaysia wants orang utans abroad to come home.

Is it just me or do you also got your funny bone tickled by the above news title from The Star? Oh COME ON! Talent corp? Government's effort to entice professional and skilled Malaysians abroad to come home? Connected the dots yet?

Plantation Industries and Commodities Minister Tan Sri Bernard Dompok said Malaysia will help Non Governmental Organizations to bring overseas Orang Utans back to Sabah. Ehem! Isn't that Talent Corp's duty my dear Minister? (elbow rib + wink wink hehehe).

I say Tan Sri, you guys are really dead serious about bringing back all Malaysian talents back to serve our beloved nation ey?! Well done! Well done!

BUT, first, we must find out why the Orang Utans left Sabah in the first place! I humbly submit that it could be due to the following:

1) Greener pasture?
2) Sense of not being accepted as an integral part of the community?
3) Lack of opportunity because they are Orang Utans?
4) Discrimination (ooh! This is same as no 3 actually)
5) They prefer city live?

While I do support the government's effort to redress our nation's brain drain, reclaim our brains for the benefit of our motherland, I think it would take a big and fatty lure to bring them home.

Anyway, I hope the Orang Utans do come home and their human cousins too :P 


Nina Manson said...

Hello Justin. Another interesting post from you. Honestly, since you were away from Sabah for a long period before, I would like to know your side of story, your personal experience. Aha.. I'm sure you are willing to share, eh?
Have a nice day!

Justin said...

Thanks Nina. My story huh.. Sure, when something pops up, I'll post it..

Nina Manson said...

Will be waiting. :)

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