June 22, 2011

From Beyond the Grave

Ever wonder what would happen to your blog, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Friendster accounts should you one day suddenly go kapoot? They say once you unleash something to the internet, it's out there forever. Maybe you blogged something that is not flattering and wouldn't want your loved ones to find out, leave a password and instruction to a pal to deactivate the account on your demise? That's one way but pals can become 'unpals' (I think I'm beginning to talk like Facebook these days) in the future. 

Fear you not! A company has come up with a solution. Introducing My Webwill! Their tagline, "Your Life Online After Death". Read their intro below :
We live an increasing amount of our lives online. We socialise in online networks, we search for information and we use different types of services to fulfil our needs. But what happens when we die? What will happen to all our photos, blogs and social network accounts?
My Webwill is a secure online service that allows you to make decisions about your Internet accounts after your death. The majority of sites we use on a daily basis are password protected – as a result there is no way for your loved ones to access your immaterial assets. For the people being left behind, the process of accessing sites and blogs is difficult and often impossible. Moreover, would they know what you wanted?
We have created My Webwill so that you can take control of your digital assets, even in the afterlife.
I suppose it's just a matter of time someone came up with this idea :P. You can sign up for free and opt to upgrade to premium with a fee which gives you more services. The free membership only offers service to deactivate your account should you expire prematurely. 

Let's see whether this service takes off.

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