June 16, 2011

A Highlander came to my Farm.

A lovely couple from Scotland helped out at the farm between 19 May and 2 June 2011. Stuart Munn and Queenie Henn. Queenie is actually half Filipina and half German and Stuart, well, he's just a Scot :P. 

They spent a year in South Korea teaching English and Borneo was their first tropical country that they visited. Well at least for Stuart, Queenie has been to the Philippines many times. 

They enjoy outdoor activities, Stuart is a lifeguard and an avid climber. It was fortunate that I had some free time because there weren't much to do at the farm because I was waiting for the seedlings to germinate and grow before I could transplant them, so I took them to Kuala Penyu and also to Crocker Range. 

But it wasn't just chill and relax at the farm. To their credit, both Stuart and Queenie were hardworking HelpX volunteers. By the time Queenie was done with the farm, the ground was clear of any twigs and leafs! Stuart despite suffering from a bad case of sunburn did a lot of heavy duty work. Many times I had to tell Stuart to go easy but I think the block actually liked manual labor and just getting an excuse to be under the sun.

Both are easy going and have a droll sense of humour. Their sense of humour could be subtle at times that I forgot to laugh LOL. 

That's Queenie helping me seed more Chili seedlings. I think she has a green thumb because about 60% of what she seeded have germinated so far. 

Queenie doing some transplanting. Not afraid to get her hands dirty, although she and Stuart are afraid of just about any insects found at the farm, especially the ones that can fly. 

Queenie couldn't stand the messy vines that grew around the orchid house. She offered to clear it so that I can turn the orchid house into my nursery and clear it she did!

Stuart doing some grass cutting. He said he enjoyed doing it. 

Stuart sawing a bamboo he helped me chop down at the farm. We both were surprised how easy it was to chop down the bamboo using a "Parang". 

I made them tag along to a gathering of relatives at Kuala Penyu. 

Stuart singing Hotel California infront of my relatives. Thanks to him, I didn't have to embarrass myself. 

Two wanderers making each other's acquaintance! Stuart from Scotland and Onkol Andrew, a Bidayuh from Sarawak who has made Sabah his home decades ago.

After the gathering, I brought them to Tempurung Seaside Lodge. Beautiful beach! Even I liked it.

I can't remember what we were amused with? 

Crocker Range park where I cried like a girl when I got leaches on my leg. Bloody embarrassing!

Stuart hugging the biggest tree he had ever seen.

Proboscis Monkey river cruise at Garama.

There were many monkeys during this visit. Many more than the last time I came.

From left to right. My sister, Angela, my mom and Queenie.

Stuart and Queenie dumped me on 2 June 2011. Last I heard, they were heading to Mount Kinabalu. 
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