May 1, 2011

The Internet Troll

Gave myself the day off today. After all, it is Labour Day today, it's a Sunday and it's also the 1 year anniversary of the passing of my maternal aunty, the late Antonia Sunam.

Since I got free time, I thought I should blog something. However, my mind drew a blank. Until I saw a Troll! :D 

So there you have it, my subject would be about troll. I'm talking about the internet troll, not the Scandinavian or Norwegian mythical kinda troll.

However, I suppose you can say that they are as UGLY as their mythical counterpart, like the picture on the left and that's when they are in their presentable state.

Many people have written better article about these trolls. But just in case, you guys haven't heard about trolls yet. Let me introduce them to you.

So who are they? I'm sure you have encountered them already. They are people who post inflammatory, rude and obnoxious remarks on blogs, forums, networking sites etc.

They usually or rather most of the time, hide behind pseudonyms. Never revealing their names or faces. Emboldened by their anonymity, they trawl the internet and spread their hatred.

The fact that they hide behind their fake names would infer that they are cowards and suffer from inferiority complex. They are a sad bunch actually. They derived joy by hurting others. Always hidden, much like their mythical counterparts hiding under bridges.

They disrupt constructive discussion with their shallow views. Often behaving like the pot calling the kettle black.

Here's my theory about what made them behave this way:

1. They are impotent. They need to feel superior and feel good about their manhood but taking on a guy in real life is not an option because they are wimps. Therefore, they inflict emotional distress instead from behind a mask. Just in case, someone recognize them and beat the crap out of them in real life.

2. They themselves are being bullied in real life. Just like the people in point 1, the only way they could feel good is bullying others in the internet.

3. If they are active in a discussion group that criticizes Barisan Nasional, then they are BN Cybertroopers. Duh..

4. Most likely they wet their beds until they're 12 years old and family members have been ridiculing them for this. Hence, they developed a sense of insecurity about themselves.

In general, Trolls are insecure, sad and cowardly people. How do you deal with trolls or rather how do I deal with trolls? I make sure they don't see the light of day. I'll just ignore them or delete their remarks. They will eventually crawl back to the holes that they are hiding in when they can't get a response from you. Yes, shoo! shoo!..     
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