April 8, 2011

Army just got more comfortable?

I got these posters via email from my wife. She knows I've reservations about my son being able to serve his National Service. All Singaporean males are required to serve 2 years of National Service. Most of the able bodied males serve in the nation's army, air force and navy while the rest serve in the police, coastguard and civil defense force.

Unlike the training that our boys and girls get while doing their national service here in Malaysia, these boys train with real guns and very very real bullets. My son hates loud noises, not hate, he's terrified of loud noises. So I'm worried for him, how is he going to cope with his phobia when they are firing live shells? And then the hardships that comes with their training! The long distance hikes carrying heavy equipment on his back!

Now that I've seen these posters, I'm relieved!! Now I only have to work harder so that I can hire a maid in the future!

Just because you're in the battlefield, doesn't mean you can't be comfortable! 

Army of maids ready to serve the nation's fighting men
Ok then.

If you haven't realized it yet, these posters were doctored LOL. Not by me of course. I find them amusing, so I posted it here. 
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