April 12, 2011

Election Commission bungled up?!

I successfully registered myself as a voter last year. Someone told me it would take 13 months for the Election Commission(EC) to get my name listed. Not wanting to miss my opportunity to cast my vote in the next Sabah general election, I rushed down to our Post Office in Beaufort and registered myself.

Three or four months later, I went to EC’s official portal and checked online whether my name was in! Entered my MyKad number and voila! To my pleasant surprise, my name is in and it didn’t take 13 months.Pleasantly surprised until I checked my details!   

This is the source of my consternation:


Locality 178 / 28 / 05 / 010 – KG CINA
Polling District 178 / 28 / 05 – MESAPOL
State Assemblies 178 / 28 – SINDUMIN
Parliamentary 178 – SIPITANG

You may check your polling details here.

Kampung Cina is a residential area right smack in the town of Beaufort! Why on earth would I be relegated as a voter in Sindumin, 75 KM away?!

Is it because Beaufort is not a polling district? Wait, let me google that. Oh! Here we are! Says here, for parliament seat, I should be voting at P.177 Beaufort and for state assemblies, it would either be N.25 Klias or N.26 Kuala Penyu.

How on earth could Kampung Cina, which is geographically located in the heart of Beaufort town, be part of Mesapol, Sindumin and Sipitang?


AngeL BeaR said...

waaa...so far???

mine is just behind the house:

Locality 174 / 19 / 04 / 006 - TAMAN BPL
Polling District 174 / 19 / 04 - LIDO
State Assemblies 174 / 19 - KAPAYAN
Parliamentary 174 - PENAMPANG

hehehehee~ only walking distance...easy peasy... =p

Justin said...

Main buyuk bah diaorang ni.

germaine said...

sy belum register lg ni.. they say the place for voting will be place based on the place we register kan.. klau nanti2 sy keja d tempat yg jauh dr sana.. mcm tu?? hehe

Justin said...


Polling place based on your residence as per address on your Mykad.

Pi lah register! Byk faedahnya jadi registered voter ni :P. Manalah tau nanti diaorang offer Iphone 4 for your vote, menyasal ko! hehehe

germaine said...

balik sini blas comment..
astaga kaya btul dorg la klau gtu.. haha

Puan Saiman said...


jauh jgk tu....kalau kena gua, mau singgah 2 kali jgk tu mkn soto......

gua pun dekat saja.......susah2, kalau kena jauh, minta jak spr antar.......bingung bah drng tu.....

Justin said...

Puan Saiman,

Bingung takarang! Motto di website diaorang cakap "Efficient and Transparent". Nanti sia mau pi suruh diaorang tukar polling location sia. Indalah aku mau drive jauh2 gitu.

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