April 6, 2011

My heart ache for you little Saiful Syazani

Pic credit : www.asiaone.com

Little Saiful Syazani Saiful Sopfidee, was only 7 years old when he returned to his maker on 3 April 2011. In the evening of 31 March 2011, while most children of his age were perhaps watching TV, playing their playstations or doing their homeworks under the watchful and loving eyes of their parents; Little Saiful Syazani was allegedly tied up to a window in a religious school in Jejawi, Arau, Perlis. 

He was accused of stealing and allegedly, severely punished by a 26 year old Uztaz for 2 hours. The Uztaz (religious teacher) was the hostel warden of Sekolah Rendah Islam Al Furqanm in Jejawi.

From other sources, it was allegedly that Little Saiful Syazani cried and pleaded for the Uztaz to stop the punishment. Little Saiful Syazani pleaded his innocence, only to be met with more beating. 

Little Saiful Syazani fainted and was referred to Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital in Alor Setar with multiple head injuries on 1 April 2011.

He did not regain consciousness until he succumbed to his injuries on 3 April 2011. Perlis CID chief Supt Mohd Nashir Ya said post-mortem showed that the boy could have been held by the neck, depriving the brain of oxygen  and this, in turn, caused the haemorrhage. 

 My eyes welled with tears when I read what happened to Little Saiful Syazani and when I saw his pictures, I felt like someone just cut my heart because it was like looking at my son!

Really? Is it still legal in Malaysia for such corporal punishment? Is it legal to tie people up? Caning is severe enough in my opinion, to beat the crap out of someone?! AND TO A 7 YEAR OLD KID?! Are you FRIGGIN' OUT OF YOUR MIND?! Where did you learn your disciplinary method? THE TALIBAN?

You are the Hostel's Warden, not the Jail's and in this day and age, even tortures in jails are frowned upon by a civilized society. I, with many Malaysian bloggers, Muslims and Non-Muslims are incensed by your action. The fact that you are in the business of nurturing young minds and a religious teacher, your action is mind boggling! You have done the opposite of what your vocation is supposed to be all about.

You will no doubt be severely prosecuted and you will live a good number of your years in jail regretting your action but at least you get to live! You have just snuffed out a young live, a very very young live and it saddens me beyond words that the last hours of his conscious young live, Little Saiful Syazani was in pain and terrified!

I'm sorry Saiful! I'm sorry we have let you down...

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