July 2, 2011

Bunga Raja

My mom showed me the most peculiar flower today. She said it is called Bunga Raja, literally means "King Flower". Apparently it only bloom at midnight and once bloomed, it would just wither away. 

So last night, she and a relative of mine staked out and waited for the flower to bloom. She observed that around 10 pm, it started blooming and by 12 midnight, it bloomed fully. Then they pluck it and put it in the refrigerator. She observe that it stayed bloomed longer in the refrigerator than if she had left it on the plant. 

Started to wither. I didn't think of taking a picture when it was in full bloom

I had a whiff of it and it smelled really nice! According to that relative of mine, this flower has medicinal property. They will be cooking this flower in a soup, supposedly it is good for people who has heart problem. 

Here's another picture of the flower I "borrowed" from http://mtfworld.blogspot.com/2010/01/bunga-raja-flower-king.html :

Strange and beautiful flower you are. Why do you bloom at night when no one would be able to appreciate you.
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