July 2, 2011

The Police and Your Rights

The Malaysian Bar Council has come up with a handbook dubbed Red Book detailing what the police can do and can't do and your rights when it comes to dealing with the police. I thought I share them with you here as I think not a lot of people are aware of its existence.

Let me qualify that this post is not about "civilians versus the police". The Police is an important organ of our society. They are peacekeepers and they put their lives on the line so that we could sleep well at night. 

Unfortunately, in this imperfect world, there are undoubtedly rogue element(s) in the force and I think the Police themselves would readily admit this. There's always a bad apple in a group. One of the ways we could help the Police clean themselves of bad apples is by having knowledge. If you know your rights, these rogue cops would be less likely be inclined to do wrongdoings on you. So go ahead, play your part, get knowledgeable. You can download the Red Book here. Be generous and spread it among your friends and family.
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