July 5, 2011

Operation Lady Gaga - The Bitch

Lady Gaga or Lady, our bitch (yes, she's a bitch) gave birth to 8 puppies yesterday! It's her first pregnancy and she was impregnated by a neighbor's dog.

Unfortunately for Lady, her mother Nini, didn't appreciate being replaced as the baby making bitch in our household. Lady was in labor in the wee morning of yesterday and as she was delivering, Nini beat her! My aunt, whom we affectionately called Meg(Gyver) because she's like a human swiss army knife, had to intervene. 

In the afternoon yesterday, when our maid Lucia went to do a headcount, she counted 7 puppies! What happened to 1 of the puppies? We suspected Nini had committed infanticide. Evil grandmother that Nini. 

Yesterday as we were watching TV, we heard Lady crying downstairs. Nini was at it again so my Aunt MegGyver intervened again. It was dark and it was raining. Note that the following pictures were lit only by my camera's flash. 

Lady Gaga the new mother. 

MegGyver on hands and knees preparing Lady's maternity ward

Time to move to your new sleeping quarter (that's Lucia)

Grandma from HELL - Nini The Horrible

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