July 2, 2011

Homemade Bokashi Part 1

I found this "recipe" for Bokashi online and decided to try/experiment with it. I have started to propagate other vegetables and fruits at my farm. Therefore, if I can make my own fertilizers, that would certainly bring down my operating cost.

The things that were required according to the "recipe" are rice, non-chlorinated water, milk and molasses. I put the rice into the water and washed them. Then I remove the rice and kept the water in a cool and dark place for five days. I did not cover the lit of the container that I used to store the water. 

When I checked the water on the 5th day, I noticed that there were bubbles on the surface of the water and that the water itself was whitish in colour. I guess the fermenting process was working. I wonder whether there are any beneficial microbes in the water? Too bad I don't have a microscope.

I bought 2 litres of milk for the first stage. 

Pour them into this container.

The ratio for water and milk is 1 part water and 10 parts milk. So in this case, I have 2 litres of milk. Hence, I mixed 200 mililitres of rice water or water. 

200 ml of rice water. Noticed the whitish colour of the water.
Mixed milk with rice water and store them in a cool and dark place. 

I didn't tighten the lid, just placed it on top of the bottle. My mushroom house finally has its use.

Now all I have to do is just checked it again on 7 July 2011. Let's see what monster will grow in them.
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