July 6, 2011

Perasan - Femoos konon :P

Few days ago Borneo Colours contacted me via my Facebook account and said that they wanted to feature me and asked whether I was okay with it. I was of course, pleasantly surprised and happily agreed to it. 

So today my face is plastered on their website as a featured blogger :P. Click here Perasan to read my interview :P. The reason I'm posting this here is partly because I'm vain but for the most part, I just want to say that I'm humbled by the appreciation. My blog is nothing to hoot about, I'm a newcomer to blogsphere and there are tons of better blogs out there who have thousands of hits. Mine, baru 15,000 :P. 

I'm just happy that there are people who actually appreciate the stuff that I write and actually recommend my blog to their readers. To these folks, I thank you for your generous endorsement.

Among the few that I "noticed" to have referred my blog:

Bubut on Tumblr 

Bubut on Facebook

Si Bei Song ah! hehehe

Now if only my Nuffnang commission starts moving. It has been at RM1.25 since 3 months ago :(. 

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