February 5, 2010

Secret to effective persuasion to get IT revealed?

Sodomy fixation.If I had to cite one positive outcome that came from of all this saga, it is the unintended leak of THE secret, if Saiful's allegation is to be taken seriously or to be believed.

I suspect I'm not the only one who noticed this. I'm pretty sure everyone and anyone who share my sharp sense of observation must have sat up in their seat when they were watching the news or reading the paper following DSAI's Sodomy trial.

I'm pretty sure there'll be a lot of smiling Malaysians of both genders in the streets and workplace these coming few days and maybe more to come.

After all, scientists have claimed that such activity can prolong the live of men. Reduces stress. Boosts immunity.Burned calories;30 minute of it burns 80 or more calories. Marvin Gaye crooned about sexual healing.

If you haven't caught the idea yet. Here's the command. You can be a man or woman, the line of command is still the same. However, result may vary.

You : Can I fuck you?
Target : No, you creep.
You : What! (say it in a forceful manner)
Target : No.
You : (pause a while. Doing so will give your target a sense that he/she is not being cornered to a wall. Recommended pause duration is between 2 to 4 seconds)

You: Go to the bedroom and clean yourself.

Your target will come out eventually all cleaned up and clad only with a piece of towel.

They wouldn't know what hit them.

How does this work actually, we don't know yet. We'll just have to wait for Oprah to do a piece on this. But I opine it's all about rephrasing your request and enforcing it with body language. That's my personal take anyway.

Btw,having a bedroom with a shower nearby or being in a hotel room would probably increases the success ration.

Happy trying. Be safe, wear a condom.

Disclaimer : I'm in no way responsible for any embarrassment or physical injury should the aforementioned method backfire on you.
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