February 13, 2010

Examine Ourselves

Practically everyday, if it's not religion this, religion that, it's race this and race that. Really? After 46 years of Malaysia, we're still stuck in the 60's era?

On the outside,we look like we've made it.Tall buildings,flashy cars, big projects but in the inside,we are infested with maggots of suspicions , greed, envy and inferior complex.

We feel compelled to trample on the heads of our non-native brothers and sisters, to put them into submission, to display our superiority of being lords of the land like a peacock. If that doesn't sound like inferiority complex, I don't know what is.

Today, we are already on the same level playing field with them. We have multi-millionaire businessmen, academics, professionals, elite politicians etc.

Isn't that enough? What do you want to do now, drive them out of Malaysia?

Yes, poverty among us still exist but there are poor chinese and indians too. Our poverty is not because of them.

Are we people who can only be successful by stifling and oppressing our competitors? If so, then we cannot call ourselves victor because while we have both hands to fight, they have one hand tied.

This should not be all about a zero sum game mentality i.e. in order for us to win, someone must lose. It should be a win-win game mentality.

It's time we move on. Concentrate on helping our needy brothers. We should examine ourselves rather than pointing fingers and apportioning blame for our weakness on others. What are our perceived weakness.

I think the only enemy we should fear is ourselves. We are overly defensive and deluded ourselves that our principles are infallible. We surround ourselves with yes men. By that, we have inhibited our own character growth. It's like an Idealism in-breeding.

We should start to examine ourselves critically like some of us brave ones, have already done. The voices are out there in the wilderness of ideas.

Let me end this appeal with an overused phrase but seldom practiced wisdom, THE ONLY CONSTANT IS CHANGE.

What is that 1Malaysia song being played in the radio, "Siapa rajin, dia menang" (the hardworking will gain) or something to that extend.
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