February 6, 2010

Some would do it for less..

I was surfing the net, scouring any information I can get hold on with regards to a certain trial of a prominent politician whom is tried for Sodomy. I checked and read on all available sources from both parties. Their respective supporters etc. Just to have a bird's eye view of the situation, looking at all angles.

I chanced upon the blog of the accuser/alleged victim. In one of his post, someone left a message saying that he is a good actor and inquired as to how much he is paid for lying. One of the accuser/alleged victim's supporters came to his defense and pose this question, how much is one's dignity worth? The supporter threw in a sum. How much would one sell their dignity, RM50million, RM100million? He is inferring that there is no chance that the accuser/alleged victim would make up such accusation falsely and doing it because he is being paid for it. I assume his line of thought is that it must be extremely emasculating for a man to be compelled into submission and allowing another male to sodomize him. It's basically a rape. Another man forced another man to become his bitch. Rape itself is devastating but in the man's world, having f****d by another male unwillingly is extremely humiliating beyond words.

The supporter probably concluded that there is no way that the accuser/alleged victim would come out and admit that he had been violated by another male and expose his 'weakness' to the whole nation unless it is true. It is just too humiliating.

When I read the reply, that's where my tiny horns came out. How naive, how ingenuous.

I'm just saying... The world is not black and white, not everyone walks in a straight line.

My friend, for RM100 million or even RM50 million, a lot of people will do a lot of things. Even sell their own mothers if they had to.

Take this for example, a Singaporean lawyer by the name of David Rasif. He has everything. A beautiful wife and 3 lovely daughters. He had it made. He's educated and well liked. He ran away with his clients' money worth SGD12 million(that's about more or less RM27 million). It has been speculated that his net worth was more than the sum that he had misappropriated, not considering his potential income in the future if he had not absconded. His wife is a successful lawyer herself. This is a power couple. Why did he do it? It doesn't make sense. Abandon his wife and his flesh and blood for a measly SGD12 million. He could earn this money in less than 2 years. All his hard work, his reputation, all go down the drain in one day. The whole nation knew about his crime, there is no way for him to come back and rebuild.

An educated person with so much money that ordinary Malaysians like us can only imagine, willing to give up all of it. Now think about the accuser who is a drop out and admitted that he is not academically endowed. If one is to offer even RM50 million to that person to make a false accusation, would't you do it if you are in that person's shoes?

RM50 million is about USD14 million. You can do a lot of thing with that kind of sum.

People would do anything for money.

I'm just saying....
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