February 6, 2010

People ask the dumbest thing

Home telephone(a land line) - Ggrringggg!
Me : Hello?
Caller : Justin, are you at home?
Me : ??????? Well, let's see. You called me on my home telephone and I answered, logic would dictate that I am indeed at home.
Caller : Oh! Just checking whether you have reached home.
Me : Is that it? because I want to go and bang my head on the wall now.

I don't know why but I've always loathe small talks. Even among my family, my brother and sister, aunties, uncles, in-laws, whenever there is a gathering, I will be the one at the corner either watching tv or surfing the net. I'd talk if there is an interesting topic. Some understand my character and some try to change me. The latter can't accept it, including my own mother who despite being my mother, do not know my character. 

Just leave me alone! 

Don't talk to me about the weather. Of course it's hot you twirp! It's noon and the sky is clear.

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