February 11, 2010

Kow Sai (Dog Poo)

One day Ah Beng and Ah Huey were strolling.

Ah Beng : Wah lao eh! He thinks he so powderful meh. I asked him, what you look look at?
Ah Huey : Si bei kwai lan lah the guy.
Ah Beng : Eh! What is that hah?
Ah Huey : Don't knoe leh. Looks like kow sai (dog poo).
Ah Beng : You sure or not? Kow sai colour different lah, this one like yellow colour.
Ah Huey : Yah oh? Also no smell. 
Ah Beng : Huey, you go and look closer leh. I don't want to step inot kow sai. My shoes brand new.

Ah Huey got closer to the object.

Ah Huey : Eh, got a bit of smell leh.. Maybe it's really kow sai.
Ah Beng : You sure or not? 
Ah Huey : Wait I check. 

Ah Huey touched the object with his index finger and tasted his finger.

Ah Huey : Wah lao! Kow sai lah! Ptui! Si be heng (bloody lucky) ah, if we step on it, our shoes sure got dirty and smelly..

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