February 21, 2010

Continued open burning

I drove my mom to visit a relative in Kuala Penyu yesterday and I was shocked to see the fire rampaged bushes along the highway to Kuala Penyu. These fire were started by kampung folks as a convenient way to clear their lands and fertilizes their soil.

That's the view in Kuala Penyu yesterday.

Today, I drove to Kota Kinabalu to pick up my sister and brother in-law because they had to borrow my mom's car since their car broke down. On the way to Kota Kinabalu, same thing. Unfortunately, I didn't bring my camera.

We need to educate our kampung folks that in long run, if they continue with this short-cuts, they will leave a not so desirable living environment for their descendants, as for the rich towkays who should know better and have the monies to not do this, fine them.
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