February 18, 2010

Those who bat for the other team

First of all, I categorically emphasize that I am not pro nor against Homosexuality. I don't get this man-love thing but whatever you do in your private confines, that is your business and you have every right to exercise your rights or privacy. Everyone has the right to pursue their happiness.

What got me to write about this? Well, the ongoing Sodomy Trial a.k.a Sodomy2, of an Opposition Leader got me thinking. So here's me thinking out loud and just saying...

I am speaking in the context of Malaysia, particularly in the society of Sabah of course.

I think because of the nature of society in Sabah(which is generally accommodating and non-confrontational), by and large, we tacitly accepted the presence of homosexuals in our midst and we do not oppress them or at least in my personal experience, I have not heard of any homosexuals who are deprived of jobs and promotions because of his sexual orientation. If I have to cite a tangible example, we have our Kampung Air in Kota Kinabalu which is infamous for its transvestites. In daytime, it is a busy business area but at night, another business takes over. You will see gangs of transvestites plying their booties. Guess who are their customers? Men! Let me qualify the choice of my example, I know for a fact that not all homosexuals like to dress up as women. However, if I have to use certain segment of the society to gauge our acceptance of this lifestyle/choice, then these chaps would be a good example because they have been doing their business in that area for a very very long time without much harassment(obviously because otherwise they would have gone underground).  

Let me see how many laws they are breaking:

1) They are soliciting sex for money.
2) Most of these transvestites are foreigners and probably without valid travel documents(Indonesians etc)
3) Since they don't have female sexual appendages, I wonder where would their male customers insert their schlongs? Hmm..?

And I know through associates, there are transvestites area in West Malaysia too. So maybe they(West Malaysians) too accept it tacitly.

Would the authority start rounding them up or staking out to catch them and their customers engaging in unnatural sex?

One would expect that the ever consistent authority to be consistent in their enforcement of the law, so is this the start of a campaign to rid the nation of this immoral activities? Judging from the vigor and steadfastness in which they pursue justice against the opposition leader despite international outcry, one would conclude that they are dead serious about enforcing this law.

Will we see an outflux of bright minds out of the country? What would be the economical and societal impact if this were to happen? Homosexuals around the world have contributed to their society. There are successful ones who have enriched their society, if not the world. Examples:

Edward Albee, Playwright (Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?)
Pedro Almodovar, Film Director
Hans Christian Andersen, Writer of Children's fairy tales - (more than 100 years since his death, his tales continue to bring happiness to children all around the world and it will continue hundred of years on)
Sir Francis Bacon, Writer

The above is just to name a few, to see more, click here.

They obviously are not dirt and their sexual orientation did not prevent them from positively contributing to their society and the world. Their character and humanity are not defined by what they do or did in their bedroom or by their sexuality.

Hmm. Still not leaning towards any side. Just saying you see...

I can say candidly from what is said and heard and printed and broadcast in the media, there is some hypocrisy in the whole Sodomy2 affair.

The accusation might be false or it might be true. No matter what, the authority will have from today, prove to the nation of their consistency and that this trial is not politically motivated. If they do this, what is the impact as I have wondered in aforementioned?

Will Hishamudin, our learned Home Minister produce example of other people being charged and prosecuted for Sodomy in the coming days which he had done for caning of women recently.

Boy oh boy, so many questions. If, how, what, when..
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